What is expected from customer service support?

In recent years, we can observe a trend in respect of complaints about customer service a wide variety of companies. Customers dissatisfied with the quality of service and they are looking protection and try to find support in the forums, social networks and so on. To do this, they lay out for everyone the correspondence or recorded telephone conversations with the staff support services of a company. This behavior is understandable, because it becomes at least offensively, and more resent the fact that the service completely refused to work! While paying for a service, program or equipment, we mean that not only are paying for it, but also for having less possible problems or, at least, that in the event of problems – will help and support us. What do you expect when you are calling or write in support? Let’s try to understand.

Where lies the problem?

As a rule, not only one is guilty. On the one hand – this is wrong compiled a support request, on the other hand the wrong response to this request. As a result, we see the hurt and disgruntled users who did not receive the expected support and furious support staff. Sometimes in custom services does not come the aid request, but the indignant response that “nothing is working!”. Often, when reading such a message, customer service employee automatically filters it and completely ignore, as it does not find the request for aid. A user, in turn, is sitting and waiting for help. A week later, he again, with even greater indignation, is writing a letter to the helpdesk with the words: ” Why you do not work!?”. The response to such a message may be different, depending who got the letter. It becomes clear that the problem is not only in support services, but also in users, who are turning. What can we do that all was well?


What you need to remember, as user?

The first thing you need to remember the man who calls the help desk, which at the end of the line is not a telepath. There sits a man who before to understand something, you need to explain it. For general queries it is unlikely that it will become clear. Therefore, communication with cries of “You do not work! Do the same for something! “They do not carry any sense and do not contribute a single drop of clarity in the situation. In order to get quality care, you need to ask the quality aid. To do this, the network has a lot of samples of how to make a support request.

It is clear, sometimes even after the specified error, customer service staff will try to find something else that will help them solve the problem, but that’s okay – it’s normal workflow. The main thing to remember – mutual respect. No need to immediately and independently to spoil the view of the support workers – people work there, too, although sometimes it seems that you communicate with robot. And sometimes the heads of companies, especially new ones, tend to forget that the service support is simply necessary, like everything else, due to what the company can exist.

What you need to remember, as an employee of customer service?

Support services employee should be clearly understood that his position is not the latest in the company’s (and perhaps one of the principal). But here we must remember that if you are able to communicate with people and help them, you have to appreciate your own work. Customer support of any company – it is almost the face of the company. After all, thanks to the staff of the support the overall impression of the company, and as a result – reputation. And in the end, it depends on the reputation the number of customers and the subsequent profit. There are three main aspects to keep in mind both the company’s management and support employees:

First: “It is necessary to detail and document the process of support the user, it requires the same attention, as well as any other business process. This means creating a clear application processing algorithm, their classification, registration, execution, control, etc.”

Secondly: “The employees do not have to keep in mind a few phones and names of experts who are responsible for this or that area. There should be a single support telephone that coordinates all the work and interact with business users on all requests. Effective use of a dedicated e-mail address and answering machines for recording calls. ”

Third: “For the efficient handling of all requests should be evaluated and prioritized. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to work out equally fast all the problems, especially since most of them do not require a quick solution. Therefore prioritization facilitates a more flexible resource management and allows you to eliminate the critical issues. ”

But these technical details is not enough to create a good impression for the user, connected to customer support. It should also be remembered about humanity and be extremely polite anyway. If the user nevertheless wrote, “Nothing works! Do something! “, we should not ignore this message. Why not introduce yourself politely and ask, what exactly is not working? It’s so easy! And if your service got quite competently composed the request, then for response there are also a few rules of etiquette, which can be traced in the sample response:

“Hello, Jack!

Thank you for using our services. We appreciate every customer!

My name is John and I will try to solve this problem.

We checked the server and eliminated some of the causes that could contribute to the csoccurrence of errors, about which you wrote.

Please try again to make any changes to the files and report the result.

We surely will help you! Yours faithfully, John Customer Service ”

From the response of the sample it is clear that support employee must respectfully address to the user. It is best to call the client “You”, as it is not clear how many years of the user who sent the request. Almost a must factor in successful service and support is to reassure the user that he is appreciated as a customer and we will certainly help. Good practice would be to ask after a successful means of a specific request: “Do you need any further assistance in the services we offer?”.

In conclusion

It seems clear that the issue of support services and the user lies in the relationship as a whole. The first thing to start with yourself, and do not translate the arrows on the other, in search of someone to blame. If both sides are a little kinder people, then many problems can be simply avoided.

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