Qantas Airlines 1-800 number

Qantas Airlines 1-800 number


Qantas Airways Limited – the biggest airline in Australia. Has the nickname "The Flying Kangaroo».

The airline is headquartered in Sydney. Founded in 1920, it ranked third in the list, the oldest

operating airlines in the world (after KLM and Avianca), and the oldest in the English speaking

world. Qantas is a public company whose shares are traded on the ASX stock exchange.

The original name of «QANTAS" is an acronym for «Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial

Services» and it allows you to judge where the airline began operations.

According to research by Skytrax, the 2008 Qantas by a vote ranked third in the list of the best

airlines in the world. This is better than 5th place in 2007, but worse than second place in 2005 and


Customer Support: 1-800- 227-4500

USA & Canada Qantas Reservations:1 800 227 4500

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