Kmart 1-800 number

Kmart 1-800 number

Kmart 1-800 number


Kmart – retail stores in the United States. Founded in Detroit in 1899 as the S. S. Kresge Company, in 1962 it renamed the Kmart. In 1980 – 1990 was the world’s third-largest retail-trade network (after Walmart and Target).
In early 2005, it became part of a holding company that manages a network of Sears (Sears Holdings), as of 2014 continues to function at Sears composition under the name Kmart’s, brings together more than one thousand. Stores in 49 US states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rica and the US Virgin islands. Net turnover in 2010 was estimated at $ 15.6 billion. Main product groups – clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, home appliances, household goods.


Customer Service: Order & Product Inquiries: 1-866-562-7848

Parts: 1-800-252-1698

Installation: 1-800-326-8738

Home Services/Repairs:1-800-469-4663



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