The employee of the customer service support of social network

The employee of the customer service support in one of the largest social network told about reading the correspondence, the most common complaints and strange users.

I worked in several social networks and I can say that all have one system of relationships with users. All routine. In the day write two pervert, five students, two little girls. When you sit down to work, you have to mount all: politics, perverts, deviants complaints. People send in stories about life, poetry, pictures of genitals.

Mostly in the service of support are working women – their 80 percent. For young people is boring to sit in one place and write all day. And some of the girls likes very much their work and they find themselves in this.

There are no special requirements in order to get a job support staff. The main thing – kindness, sociability, desire to help. Support service – is largely the face of the site. Basically, all they come after university. The youngest employee is 20 years old, the oldest – 30. All the same it is a job for the young, need a quick reaction.


I have a journalism degree and it helps, but when in a hurry you send a reply you can make a mistake and start a sentence with a lowercase letter or write the misspelled word. The main thing – it’s fast print and find a way out of a problem situation.

Each social network has its own limit time to answer – from five minutes to 24 hours. Ideally, to help the user should be limited to two or three answers. Answers of the agents are checking by managers. They can leave some comment in a special program. Evaluated primarily goodwill and quick solution of the problem.

Support staff work twelve hours. There are night shifts, because of a lot of appeals. There are people who write 24 hours a day. On some sites it is necessary to respond to every call, even if it is a single swearword. On this, there is a standard phrase such as “Hello, you had contacted with custom service support of the social network, ask your question correctly.”


What kind of complain?

The largest group of writers in support service – are adults. They generally complain of each other. Another class – it’s the children who come after school, and they are bored. Schoolgirls blame others schoolgirls, who stole their photos.

One young man asked me why he puts likes to the girl and write her a message, but she does not respond. Such questions also need to be responsible. I am writing on the case: “It seems that she did not like you.” No need to come up with workarounds and invent non-existent errors on the site.

Very often with support staff trying to get acquainted and asking to leave a phone number. On this question there is a standard response: “We do not disclose the names of our employees.”

The rules of etiquette in correspondence with customer support are not always followed. Half of the people say hello and say thank you, many write with caps lock. This is very annoying.

Privacy of correspondence

In the social network in which I work, developers and support staff have the right to read the correspondence. If someone complains on a pedophile, it will be checked. Also is checking for correspondence enforcement request. Often, if you do not see the message, it is difficult to understand the situation. But the support staff rarely abuse their abilities. This may be attractive only at first.


More and more letters comes about scams. Lonely woman decided to find a husband, stumbled on some sailor who lives in Finland. According to him, he was in a difficult situation, therefore, asked to translate a thousand dollars. She didn’t think a lot and sent. This happens all the time. In addition, men ask on candid photos of girls on the Internet. Complaining about it is useless, any lawyer will refuse to take up the case.

Users complain mainly on the genitals. Because half of the people who hang out there, they sent.

Strange questions

Some questions, of course, is introduced into a stupor. It happens that the users describe their perversion to agent. Write grandmothers, who did not even realize that the message on the social network – it is not the same as an SMS. Sometimes people ask, what is the avatar. I am making a screenshot of the “Wikipedia” and sending them.

I once came across a little girl, which has tormented all. Asked what the size of the field between the pictures, why it is so, why is the menu field one after another in that order. She sent a list of questions, get to the bottom of everything. According to her application form, she was 9 years old. She probably was just bored.

There are also questions such as “What to do with the body?”. This, of course, a joke, but I had to answer seriously: we can not give advice, not relevant to the functional.


The staff of support services in social networks is generally from 6 to 10 people. Also, salary depends on your answers estimates, which left users.

Career growth in the service support is possible, but small: the maximum you can become a senior agent and co-ordinate the work of others. But very few people working here more than a year or two, it is too exhausting.

To discuss this post joined by representatives of other social networks, apparently, taking all the above into your account. And in order to avoid further misunderstandings, we publish comments and remarks left on this item by agent support service of this social network.

  • It is a controversial thesis. For us it is not so, approximately 50/50 per cent. It depends on the people themselves. Agents-men often do not concede in the responses to agents-women. If someone do not like this work, they just go themselves, in their place come the other. Because of free graphics can be answered at any time and from any location. Many support agents travel the world, for a long time go to other countries that are not taking vacation and continuing to answer in time.
  • Literacy – one of the basic requirements to agents support. As a rule, illiterate applicants are eliminated at the stage of preliminary interviews. If you went to work for the agent starts to hurry too, he makes notes as he does not improve. If with literacy and answers forms is very bad, it may be the reason to part with such an agent.
  • We have a distributed structure. Of course, there are a few guidelines and decision-makers, but the basic control is that all agents can see each other’s answers and can give each other notes, allowing you to quickly share experiences.

Since users a lot (more than 200 million, an average of 60 million active every day), there is no fixed time limits for a response. The service is designed so that just as soon as possible to answer the question. Issues dealt with in turn. If the queue is reached, the issue came to the agent, it must respond immediately if there is no need to clarify something to check. Now we were able to equalize the load so that the waiting time for the user does not exceed the average of these same 24 hours. Depending on the circumstances the answers may come faster.

  • We have no changes, schedule free. Key indicators – the number of issues addressed and quality of responses. And the quality is determined on the basis of installations and opinions of colleagues. We understand that it is impossible to please all users. If someone wants to send spam or unlock the banned drug trafficking page, he will complain about anything and everything, to celebrate the agent answers the bad, to threaten to leave the site, and so on. So to the agent can threaten only his unwillingness to work. There are mechanisms for the protection agents from the overly talkative members. This not only protects nerve agents, but also allows them to help new users, without losing all the time on the same talkers.
  • I do not refrain from personal comments: obviously people do not enthusiastic about their work. Yes, there are such issues, it is not uncommon. But when they begin to respond and think, “leave me alone at last,” the work is fast becoming a routine and the agent go away. Maybe it’s too overloaded work schedule (40 thousand questions a month, as referred to below). Some networks give the opportunity to respond unconventionally. Sometimes you can afford a little hooliganism, if you see that the user will understand. Or, if the head is occupied by others, simply do other things and come back to work with a different mood.
  • I can not answer for other networks. We often even have to ask to send private messages to the service account. It makes work embarrassing: it is difficult to convey to users that we can not simply “check out” of a user or community to control his correspondence and other private material, as it seemed to someone suspicious. But we believe that the security of personal data is really important.
  • Alas, fraud – is a big problem of social networks. Even if there was a possibility of direct access to the correspondence, it is difficult to determine who is a crook, but someone framed by competitors. In most disputes, we recommend that users contact the police. To open employees access to the correspondence in this case, too, is not an option, you can make a forgery and so. As for blackmail intimate materials, we were able to establish an effective fight against this phenomenon even within existing constraints.
  • Yes, there are some very strange questions. And then, again, it all depends on answerer. It is good to have creative people who are not confused and do not enter into a stupor similar questions.
  • We have no the head agent. Over time, the work of the agents acquire other responsibilities, try their hand at other areas on the site. Service support will soon be three years, dozens of agents have worked for over two years. If one of them goes, the rest is very worried about it. Usually, people go out into the first months of work, if they see that it is not their business. If the agent is still working, as a rule, it is a long time. Helps to this as an opportunity to try his hand in other areas where: advertising, moderation, spam fighting, system administration, etc…
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