Delta 1-800 number

Delta 1-800 number

Delta Air Lines

Delta AirLines – American Airlines, the world’s largest by all odds. These indicators include the

annual passenger turnover, the number of areas in which the company’s aircraft carried by air, and of

course, the air park.

High-quality, long-term and reliable operation of the airline can be reflected with a few numbers:

1) in the Delta and its subsidiaries are working more than 70,000 people;

2) about 6,000 professional pilots operate flights on domestic and international flights;

3) of about 200 professional air traffic controllers monitor the flights of aircraft;

4) approximately 100 countries are taking at their airports aircraft Delta Airlines;

5) about 2,000 daily flights performing in different directions.

Customer Support: 1-800- 221-1212

Domestic Sales & Reservations: 1-800-221-1212 (24/7)

Customer Care: 1-404-773-0305

International Reservations: 1-800-241-4141 (24/7)

SkyMiles Representative:800-323-2323 (24/7)

Disability Assistance(US): 1-404-209-3434 (24/7)

Help in Spanish:1-800-208-8601 (24/7)

Technical support: 1-888-750-3284 (24/7)

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm ET (except on U.S. holidays)

Lost Baggage: (USA) 1-800-325-8224
hours: 7AM- Midnight EST
Phone Menu Transcription: If you call the number above you will get the options below.


Delta Cargo: 1-800-352-2746

Groups: 1-800-532-4777
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET



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