Charles Schwab 1-800 number

Charles Schwab 1-800 number

Charles Schwab 1-800 number


Charles Schwab – american company, broker-discounter, which provides services to the investment markets. Innovations that were implemented in the financial markets by Charles Schwab, transformed the world. He created a new brokerage system of discounts and founded the discount brokerage company in the 70 years the US stock exchange. After that it has made available brokerage and attracted millions of customers.
Charles Schwab created his own company, as opposed to companies on Wall Street. Today, his brainchild, registrated in San Francisco, serving 8 million investors that control assets of $ 800 billion.


Charles Schwab Customer Service / Support: 1-866-463-2339

Charles Schwab Open Account: 1-866-463-2339

Schwab by Phone™ 24/7 Access: 800-435-4000

TeleBroker 800-272-4922

Report a lost or stolen Schwab One Visa Platinum Debit Card: 800-421-4488

Active Trading: 800-435-9050



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