The 3 Steps to a Highly Productive Elevator Speech

Whether we expect it or not, sometimes when we attend a networking event we will have to give our 30 second “elevator speech,” describing our business-in hopes we will attract potential customers. Sure, some professional people welcome those occasions. They have described their services briefly to many audiences, so they feel comfortable with the situation […]

Blowing Off Direct Mail Marketing? Here Are 5 Reasons Why That Might Not Be Smart

In today's technologically minded society, it may seem like direct mail marketing has become an outdated practice. Unfortunately, too many businesses have bought into the lie and have discarded the practice. But before you find yourself dismissing the marketing technique, you may want to slow down and actually increase your mailers. Take a look at […]

10 Obsessive Ways You’re Undermining Your Business

Roger is an independent professional creative, much like you and me. He does own own specialized version of consulting, coaching, and training. Roger is great at what he does and has had many successes, but he often feels unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the progress of his business and marketing. Results do not seem to come […]

It’s More Than A Card – The Best Reason and More To Always Have A Business Card

While at an event last night I was asked for my business card. I'm embarrassed to say I did not have one. Should I be embarrassed? Is a business card still a prerequisite for business interaction? The debate is vivid. “Business Cards Are Dead – Here's Why” declares J. Maureen Henderson in an August 22, […]

Why You Need to Stop Having Networking Conversations

A college of mine recently flew to another country to attend a sizeable social event, which was meant to be fun. At this particular function, there were many people she knew. At one point, a successful entrepreneur came up to her and started a networking conversation after quick pleasantries thatasted less than a minute. “Do […]

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