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Even if you have been networking for a long time, there are still plenty of ways to amp up your game. It is great to lean on the tried and true but just like technology, networking evolves. It changes, develops and grows in various shapes and forms. In order to be a savvy networker, individuals […]

PS I Love You

Most people think of the postscript as a place to tuck cute or mushy messages at the end of a note to a loved one. In reality, postscripts can be a surprisingly powerful tool for marketers. I include a postscript (a sentence or two preceded by “PS”) in almost every marketing letter or email message […]

Why Co-Working Is Now Everyone’s Cup of Tea (or Coffee)

It is a well-known fact that space is a luxury in Hong Kong, whether it's residential, commercial or office space. According to CBRE's semi-annual Global Prime Office Rents survey and JLL's Premium Office Rent Tracker report, Hong Kong remains the world's most expensive office market in 2017. A few extra square feet here and there […]

Networking Tips: The Art of Storytelling

Networking is such an exceptional tool for establishing relationships, advancing in your career and academies and developing your business. One of the many ways to be successful in networking is to have strong, effective communication skills. Equally verbal and non verbal, savvy networkers can relay their personal brand, share their passions and demonstrate good business […]

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