AirTran 1-800 number

AirTran 1-800 number

AirTran Airways

Low-cost airline of the United States of America, with headquarters in the city of Orlando (Florida,

USA), a subsidiary of the aviation holding company AirTran Holdings.

AirTran Airways serves more than 1,000 daily scheduled flights mainly in the airports of the

Midwest and Eastern United States. The main transit nodes (hubs) of the company are Hartsfield-

Jackson Atlanta International Airport (more than 270 daily flights) and Orlando International

Airport, the secondary hub carrier located at the International Airport Baltimore / Washington and

declared April 6, 2010 as a transit node General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

Airline AirTran Airways is the world’s largest Boeing 717-200 aircraft operator.

Customer Support: 1-800- 247-8726

AirTran Customer Reservation Center:1-800-247-8726 (1-800-AIR-TRAN)

AirTran Customer Relations: 1-866-247-2428 (1-866-AIR-CHAT)

AirTran System Baggage Service: 1-800-965-2107 x8900

Refunds: (same phone menu as Customer Relations) 1-866-573-3863 (1-866-5-REFUND)


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