Recaps: Finishing the Job in Full

Whether you have worked in promotional and experiential marketing for years, or are new to the industry, you will inevitably become very familiar with recapping your events. Recaps are documents submitted to the client detailing the event a promotional model or brand ambassador worked. Recaps are usually submitted via the website a promotional model was booked from, then distributed to the client. However, the client may ask to receive them first hand via email. Regardless, what is the purpose of a recap? First and foremost, brands hire ambassadors and promotional models to work events and on premise in accounts where their product is sold, and more often than not, the client themselves cannot be there. This could be due to location, other events during the same time, or even just because they don’t necessarily need to be there. Even though a client usually won’t have been in the room, they want to know how the event transpired, how their product faired, and how the promotional models were received. All of this data is extremely important to them, so let’s breaks down a few of the most important factors in a good recap.

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